The intricate carvings upon the druid's spear tell his story....

Travelling to Sandpoint

Tientrich travels with several strangers toward the town of Sandpoint.

Some downtime after the catacombs

Tientrich helps with repairs at the glassworks and buys a farm.

From Thistletop to Sandpoint

Thoughts and actions following Thistletop.

Return to Thistletop

Tientrich returns to the island

Downtime after the Misgivings

Tientrich convinces the farmers to abandon their farms.

The Cocoon

Twitch reincarnates Shaila

No Rest for the Druid

Downtime activities following the Clocktower

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf

Teintrich plots a change in leadership

Down From the Clouds

Twitch comes back earth

After The Fall

Fleeing ogres after Fort Rannick is breached


The Storval Plateau and back to Sandpoint

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