The small journal contains notes recorded by the sorcerer Jon Constantine detailing notes he found in in the dungeons of Thistetop.

Nualia's NotesEdit

The notes are chaotic, jumbled, some scribbled in large letters and others written in the hand of a scholar.

They detail plans to destroy Sandpoint by using the goblins to burn it to the ground. The death and destruction would fuel the runewell below the town - I believe this to be the strange pool of lava-like liquid we found in the catacombs below Sandpoint. Nualia planned to create an army of sinspawn from the runewell. But she cautioned that the runewell’s energy is low and shouldn’t be used until refilled.

An evil artifact, I wonder if it can be destroyed, for while it lasts it poses a threat to the town.

Lyrie's NotesEdit

Lyrie's notes mainly deal with various mundane items she collected from Thistletop and other nearby sites. Some of it is of interest, however.

Lyrie believed the island was settled by followers of Lamashtu a few hundred years ago, and they excavated underground and made the chapel. They seem to have stumbled upon the older ruins below, which are Thassilonian - the same as under Sandpoint. From the skeletons they found the Thassilonians met an untimely fate.

Apparently not much remained of the Thassilonian ruins on the island, except for the rooms below the chapel. Whatever disaster ended their empire came quickly and caused great destruction.

The statue and carvings of the man with the book and glaive must be of someone important, Lyrie made several sketches, but she seemed as clueless about his identity as I. The similarity to the statue of Alaznist, as explained by Quink, makes me believe he was her equivalent, perhaps the local ruler.

The seven pointed star is the Sihedron Rune, the symbol of the Thassilonian Empire, representing seven virtues of its rulers. We had previously seen this below Sandpoint, confirming another link between the two sites. Lyrie mentions that Nualia wears a medallion with the rune, but she noted she didn't think it was from Thistletop.

Lyrie also made several references to a being which communicated with Nualia, whispering to her, and that Nualia believed this creature to ber her salvation. Its name is Malfeshnekor, the beast we barely escaped from. It seems Nualia was intent in releasing the monster.

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