Once well respected, the Constantine family is all-but extinct now due to the actions of one of their own. The only surviving member of the family (beside the Cursed) is the seventh and seventh son, Jon Constantine.

The Origin of the Infernal TaintEdit

The line of Constantine is one plagued by darkness and corruption.

A long line of powerful practitioners of the mystic arts, the line of Constantine was once revered throughout the lands as a source of wisdom and protection. The family became wealth the public they served often voluntarily offered tribute for their services.

But as with any Eden, a viper coiled within.

Who it was has long since been lost to the mists of time, but what is known is that one member of this well regarded family sought ever greater power. It was to do good, he claimed, but in truth he had come to love power and what that power provided.

To that end, this Constantine eventually summoned the Pit Fiend Abarax, chief servant of Asmodeus, Lord of the Nine Hells. Constantine demanded that Abarax grant him the secrets to immortality and power of the infernal realms. Laughing, Abarax claimed that he could grant Constantine what he wished, in exchange for his soul.

Knowing that the demon would never truly live up to any promises it made, Constantine kept Abarax negotiating, all the while preparing to spring his trap.

Abarax was shocked to discover that this puny mortal had actually trapped him within the summoning circle. The Pit Lord was even more stunned when he felt his very life force and essence being drained out of him and into the human sorcerer.

The enormous energies being expended drew the attention of the rest of the Constantine family. Horrified at what their fellow was doing, they attacked, disrupting the ritual before it could be completed.

Furious, Constantine lashed out at his family. Though the ritual had been disrupted, he had still syphoned of an enormous amount of power, making him more than a match for those arrayed, slaughtering each in turn until he faced his own son.

Unbeknownst, the ritual used had transferred the demonic energies not only to Constantine himself, but to his entire bloodline. His son and every son thereafter would bear the taint of the Infernal. Though he had the greater power he could not bring himself to destroy his own offspring, instead choosing to flee.

His actions, however, forever tainted what remained of the Constantine family, from that day hence, they would carry a demonic taint within their blood.

More-so, in the ensuing battle, Abarax was able to break free of the enchantment and retreat back to Nessus. Reduced in status and power, he broads there still, waiting for the opportunity to enact his revenge...

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