Sandpoint held the Festival of Rebirth.

The Heroes were rewarded with titles and land.

Several dangerous prisoners had escaped from the Sandpoint Prison. The Heroes tracked down an infamous lizard man and his crew.

The Feathered Serpent was ransacked but nothing seemed missing. There were several witnesses of a tall, red-haired woman. The Heroes guessed Lucilla was in town. Quink had been charmed by her, confirming their suspicions.

There was a small group of Hellknights in town, led by Maralictor Solangus. He stated they were on official business.

A group of goblins were setting up a shrine to Lamashtu on the beach a few miles from town. They were worshipping a purple worm, which had somehow awakened and gained the ability to speak. The Heroes ended this threat. The Heroes also investigated the entrance from the caves to the catacombs but found no disturbance.

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