After the giant attack, the heroes slept well.

The next morning they were called to a meeting with Sheriff Hemlock, Father Zantus, and the Council. There they were told several villagers had been captured by the giants, and asked to chase down the giants and rescue them. Titus Scarnetti also asked that the important documents in his desk be returned.

The council also told of a giant which farmers had captured and tied up. The Heroes questioned the giant, who cooperated in return for his life. He spoke of his Lord Mokmurian in the fortress of Jorgenfist, collecting an army of giants. The Heroes told the villagers to put the giant to work to repay the damage he had done.

Krolmn had used the knowledge ingrained in a giant’s hide to map out the path back to the fortress Jorgenfist. It was located in the Storval Plateau.

The heroes embarked on Twitch (as a roc) and flew north.

They followed the giants’ tracks and located Scarnetti’s desk. In the desk they found the legal papers, as well as a letter incriminating Scarnetti as being behind the arsons which destroyed several of Sandpoint’s industries.

A few days later the heroes entered the Storval Plateau. They encountered a band of Shoanti and explained their mission. The tribesman warned them of the danger and thought their mission folly.

That night, they were attacked by a giant hunting group, which ambushed the heroes while they slept. The battle was ferocious, with a dire bear grappling Tevan and a giant smashing Twitch unconscious. Krolmn was almost killed; the others found his mangled body smashed against a rock several yards from camp. Only the healing skills of Tevan and Twitch combined (and two hero points) instilled life back in the gnome.

After several days they made it to Jorgenfist. The fortress was surrounded by several camps of giant and ogre tribes.

Twitch scouted around, spying several caves in a nearby cliff – one home to three wyverns, and the other inhabited by a large, undead spider, its body crawling with smaller spiders. Another cave was found high above Jorgenfist in the mountains, and this the heroes believed was the lair of the red dragon Longtooth.

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