The ChaseEdit

The party headed out from Magnimar in pursuit of Ironthorn, who had fled the city on a ship, headed upriver. After a number of encounters along the way, including a brief battle with a small black dragon, the heroes finally caught up with Ironthorn.

The justice was in the middle of the Sihedron Ritual, sacrificing the lord-mayor. The heroes rushed through his goblin bodyguards and attacked Ironthorn himself, who soon fell to their blades.

The lord-mayor was grateful and promised to reward them upon return to Magnimar.

In the ruined temple, apart from Ironthorn's secret treasure, the heroes also found his personal journal. Wondering how to translate it, Twitch sheepishly said he knows someone who could help...

Shaila's ReturnEdit

Back in Magnimar, the druid led the others back to Shaila's manor, where they were greeted by a feisty halfling... Twitch had reincarnated the sage!

The new, younger, shorter Shaila took the journal and quickly went to work.

She confirmed what the heroes had uncovered earlier through speaking with her corpse. In addition, she related that Ironthorn was in love with Xanesha - given the woman's ability to charm people, the heroes wondered if it was natural love or an enchantment. Ironthorn stated several times in his journal that he met Xanesha at the Old Clocktower.

"There's only one Old Clocktower," Kasadei responded when the heroes told her of their findings. "It's under the Irespan. I'll round up some men to send with you - let's finish this."

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