In which the heroes explore Thistletop and battle its denizens.

The Inhabitants of ThistletopEdit


The heroes ensured the ground floor of the fort was clear before descending. Downstairs they encountered Lyrie, a wizard who was studying the ruins and the artifacts found within. The heroes didn't trust her but she gave them no excuse to fight, and warned them about going downstairs.

Once out of sight, Lyrie raced off to warn her companions. Unbeknownst to her, Marius had doubled back and followed her in the shadows. With consternation he watched her call upon her allies, a bugbear and an armoured warrior. The three then head back to deal with the intruders.

Marius reported back to the others and they set an ambush for the three. The bugbear's keen sense of smell gave the ambush away, however, and the heroes lost their advantage of surprise. During the combat they were surprised to see the warrior, Orik, fail to support his companions, and left the battle without drawing his sword.

After the bugbear fell, Lyrie knew she stood no chance on her own and cast invisibility to escape.The heroes found the Orik in the next room, who admitted he had made a bad decision in joining this crew and was content to leave without a fight. The heroes showed their magnamity and let him depart.

After a short rest they headed back to the stairs down to the next level...

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