Brief descriptions of player actions between adventures. For more details see journals and tracking sheets.

Belor's ActionsEdit

Constantine's ActionsEdit

Action: Research Further research into the history of Sandpoint and the surrounding region.

Action: Research Liquid

Action: Research Strange Well in Catacombs

Action: Offer advice and compare notes with scholars of Sandpoint. 4 Days, 4I, -60gp  

Krolmnite's ActionsEdit

Free Action: Buy Burnt Farm. The burnt and abandoned farm costs half price, which Tientrich contributes to. -150gp.

Free Action: Buy Materials for MW Bow. -110gp

Action: Repair Farm 2 Days, 2 L, -20gp

Action: Create Arrows 2 Days, 4gp

Action: Create MW Bow 2 Days, 3% progress

Action: Train Volunteers in Archery 1 Day, 1 I, -15gp

Marius' ActionsEdit

Tientrich's ActionsEdit

Free Action: Buy burnt farm The burnt and abandoned farm costs half price, which Krolm contributes to. -150gp.

Part Day Actions: Scribe Scrolls Calm Animals, Charm Animals, Detect Animal Or Plant, Detect Snares And Pits, Faerie Fire, Speak With Animals. -75gp

Actions: Construct Garden 4L, 4 days, -40gp.

Actions: Mend Glassworks 3G, 3 days, -30gp.

Free Action: Spend 3G on Greenhouse.

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