Sandpoint Mirror

In which a group of travellers enter Sandpoint.

Welcome to SandpointEdit

The PCs arrived in the Varisian town of Sandpoint. Some had visited before, and quickly suggested a place to drink.

The Hagfish was not only a colourful drinking location but also a gambling den, and Belor put his skills to good use to make a few coins. Twitch tried to down the tankard of fish water to claim the pouch of coins but half way through his effort seemed to forget what he was doing, spilling the contents over his shirt, gaining a wry smile from the sorcerer Constantine.

The group then headed across town to the Rusty Dragon to book some rooms for the night, while Belor sought out some company at the PIxie’s Kitten. The owner of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko, a woman of Tian descent who has lived in Sandpoint all her life, introduced herself and welcomed them to Sandpoint.

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