Race Human
Class Rogue
Level 2
Other attributes

A rogue with a mysterious past in Magnimar.

Character Sheet.


Marius is a non-descript native of the city port of Magnimar. Of average height and appearance, the only thing that stands out from his fellow city dwellers is his reddish hair which marks him as likely being a human of mixed descent, rather than pure Chellaxian. 


Growing up, Marius showed an innate curiosity towards engineering and mechanical objects which, along with nimble fingers, led him to be apprenticed to a locksmith. Marius showed natural flair at his work, which led him to be highly utilized by his master. This led him to be shown many wealthy patrons and businesses security arrangements. 

While working on his masterpiece on a quiet Tuesday evening, Marius was simply shocked to be taken into custody by ‘Lord’ Taerkon’s Thugs. Dragged before Taerkon, it became apparent that Marius’ father and oldest brother owed the Lord a large amount of money. And had gone missing. Marius knew nothing of this – how much money, why they needed it, nothing – as he had been living above the smithy.

As such, Marius was detained, as a hostage at first hoping to force his family to reappear, before being placed in a labour gang to repay the debts.

Marius quickly realised he’d never live long enough to repay the debt at the rate he was being employed, and that he had been abandoned to his fate by his family. Soon after, he resolved to escape. With a pilfered pin and splinter of wood he picked the locks that stood between him and freedom.

Once free again in the city, Marius returned to his master, who while happy to see him, could not take him back – in fact, being wanted for debts by someone like Lord Taerkon meant he would probably meet an unhappy end soon. Even if they were debts his didn’t accrue. Given some clothes and money, he was sent on his way. 

What happens from here until the eighteen months later when he walked into Sandpoint is unknown, and Marius refuses to answer questions.

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