Race Gnome
Class Ranger
Level 2
Other attributes

A gnome ranger fresh from the Sanos Forest.

Character Sheet.


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Krolmnite, or Krolmn to his friends, which is everyone of course, grew up in the deep undergrowth of the Sanos forest.  In his early days he did as all gnomes do and chased all the other gnome girls, you know the ones with the biggest nose and ears and with the prettiest shade of maroon hair.  Once I got past this stage, and had my bevy of choice, I found that I loved the company of animals more to the others in my village as they were less complicated than those of my own kind.

In my days frolicking with the animals of the homeland I learned the ways of the woodland creatures that I would hunt for and then try to communicate with by mimicking them.  Many creatures and people came to hunt my friends of the forest.  Some did so with respect and honor as was due to the animals, others did so with trickery and cruelty.  Especially the creatures that I grew to despise the most….Goblins.  So I observed them and learned how to combat them, until I finally gained the courage to confront them and with the help of the woodland creatures of my homeland we chased them away.  Which was easy once the odds where evened I learned that deep down all goblins are cowards.

Knowing that my friends in the forest have begun a better life, since I was able to show them how to fight back and have evened the odds.  So I decided to leave my homeland to bring a sense of equality to the animals of the world to find out what else there is to life and discover new wonders.  So I packed up my trusty bow and ventures out into the world.  I soon found out though, that being my normal charming, happy go lucky self, just wasn’t going to cut it and I would soon be left behind.  Mostly because my legs were to short and they were not going to keep up with the other giants.  So what did I do?  Once again I turned to my animal friends and got myself a canine companion.  Soon I was bounding along on my new best friend.  I started to tag along with a caravan till I reached my present location of sandpoint.

My world is opening up and I just want to take it all in, my companions though could use a bit of loosening up, so lets see if they do once I put a little gnome in their lives….they can sure use it.

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