I cannot help but feel regret for the death of Nualia.

We were, I believe, kindred spirits.

I truly felt as if I could reach her, to make her see the error, the tragedy her actions would bring. Right up until the moment she attacked, I believed that there was still a chance for her.

I may have revealed to much about myself to my companions. I get the feeling that the small amount of trust I had gained may have been eroded by the revelation of my...taint...we shall have to see.

One thing the Battle of Thistletop has shown me is the need for more power and protection. The Battle with the Goblin Chieftain left me virtually exhausted, and while I still possessed the ability to cast the Ray of Frost, this attack proved to be to weak against or enemies. Though I managed to summon up the strength for one last spell against Nualia, unleashing the Colour Spray for the first time, I was virtually impotent for most of the remaining encounters.

This must be rectified.

First I need to obtain another wand, though the Wand of Shocking Grasp I found is quite potent, it is ineffective as a ranged attack. Perhaps one of the merchants can obtain for me a wand capable of a ranged attack such as a Magic Missile, Acid Arrow or even better, the Scorching Ray.

I must also improve my protection. As a sorcerer, I am unable to wear armour, but perhaps I could craft some Bracers of Defence to improve my protection.

I have heard of an enchanted headband that could improve my power, but research suggests that it may be two expensive and I do not have the knowledge to cast the spell of Eagles Splendour. Perhaps later...

Maybe I should create an item for one of my companions as a way to improve our relationship, A Pearl of POwer for Twitch should be simple enough...

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